About Us
Why we give our time
There are amazing ideas and initiatives for creating a fairer, safer and more beautiful world sitting with charities and not-for-profit social enterprises who really need help from those of us within the IT and Digital industries to make their ideas a reality.

To save lives, promote social justice, protect our world and our children's future we don't have to be super heroes, but everyone in our industry has "super-powers" that we can use to do something extraordinary. We can do something that others can't, we can use technology and innovation to find solutions to some of the worlds problems.

Time Commitment?
When an engagement is received we distribute it out to the network and ask those interested to raise their hands. If the engagement is something inspiring to you and you have the time available then we will put the team together with you as a part. We are all busy people with day jobs, families and life commitments so you decide if this engagement is for you right now. If not maybe the next one might be, or one in a few months time. Your time commitment is therefore up to you. Once you have committed to an engagement we would of course want you to see it through.

Typical Engagement
Personal introduction from existing relationships, feedback following a conference or an inquiry to our website

One of the volunteers has a telephone or coffee catchup to understand at a high level what the charity wants to achieve.

Energise Resource's team assembled from relevant expertise to brainstorm/workshop/design the individual brief or to work through a number of potential options and benefits. This is usually a small team of volunteers.

Resource identified to lead, assist, offer specialist input or to mentor client's team

Project Plan
Plan agreed with client. Checkpoints, proof points and delivery. Help client with their own recruiting where needed.

Communications/Marketing to energise public, media, other partners

Benefits Realisation
Further collaborative thinking to further the thinking of the overall value proposition


Needs analysis, Opportunity Assessment


Brainstorm, Business Case and Design

Delivery Assistance

Resourcing, Governance and Planning