IT and Digital Leaders
Use your skills for a better world!
There are amazing ideas and initiatives for creating a fairer, safer and more beautiful world sitting with charities and not-for-profit social enterprises who really need the help of those of us within the IT and Digital industries to make their ideas a reality.

In order to save lives, promote social justice, protect our world and our children's generation we don't have to be super heroes, but all, in our industry, have "super-powers" that we can use to do something extraordinary. We can do something that others can't, we can use technology and innovation to find solutions to some of the worlds problems.

Time Commitment?
When an engagement is received we distribute it to the network and ask those interested to raise their hand. If the engagement is something inspiring to you and you have the time available then we will put the team together with you as a part. We are all busy people with day jobs, families and life commitments so you decide if this engagement is for you right now. If not maybe the next one might be or one in a few months time. Your time commitment is therefore up to you. Once you have committed to an engagement we would of course want you to see it through.

Our Environment

During our careers we have lost more than half of the wild animals on the planet. We can do better than that.

Social Mobility

There are too many without opportunities. That first push on the swing may be all they need

International Challenge

Not everyone is going to be able to benefit from the 4th Industrial revolution. For many the gap may get wider.
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