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You may have a long list of ideas that could transform your organisation or just one that you know could revolutionise how you operate.

We are a network of CIO's, CTO's, Security and Digital specialists who are prepared to work with you to make your ideas a reality. We donate our time because we believe in the causes you do. We believe in social justice and mobility and want our children to grow up in safer and cleaner world.

There is an acceleration happening with the world of technology where new technologies are converging. Some call it the 4th Industrial Revolution. We need to make sure this is a revolution that benefits everyone and not just those who can invest in the new technologies.

We don't like the destruction of natural habitats, the effect it has on animal life and polluting the only planet we have.
Already during our lifetime we have lost over 60% of animals due to over grazing, killing animals for sport and pollution.

You will have a better idea than anyone how to tackle these problems. We are technology specialists, including some of the top technology leaders in the UK and the world, and we are here to help you solve these problems.

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Our Environment

During our careers we have lost more than half of the wild animals on the planet. We can do better then that.

Social Mobility

There are too many without opportunities. That first push on the swing may be all they need

International Challenge

Not everyone is going to be able to benefit from the 4th Industrial revolution. For many the gap may get wider.
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